Experience Strategy.

We are experience strategists who work with you to create a prioritised vision of the complete end-to-end customer experience you want to offer across all touchpoints, based on behaviours and emotions of your customers. This is about defining the customer experience you want to achieve in the future.

It’s about defining a vision of where you want to be at a certain point in the future and creating the strategy to deliver. We conduct detailed research to reliable inform and validate, and then begin to conceptualise parts of the vision, focusing on what the future could look.

1. We understand your customer behaviours

Building a successful vision is based on correctly predicting the habits and needs of your customers, and delivering an experience that enhances connections and relationships, spawning new or improved propositions, products and services to solve an underserved need.

We gather detailed insights about behaviours, emotions, triggers, current pain points, expectations and risks with relevant customers. All helping to provide insights on where to improve your experience, shaping, prioritising and validating your medium & long-term vision.We also begin to consider key metrics in reliably measuring what success looks like, aligned to the identified vision.

Our Methodology

  • Customer interviews
  • Ethnographic research
  • Stakeholder workshops
  • Business innovation
  • Business strategy and visioning
  • Quantitative analysis
  • Qualitative analysis
  • Thematic Analysis

Our Artefacts

  • Personas
  • Empathy maps
  • Mental models
  • Business model canvas
  • Value proposition

2. We create & define the Customer Experience Map

The outcomes of the formative research is to visualise via an ‘Experience Map’ (also known as a ‘Customer Journey), where we plot behaviours & emotions, where they’re currently undeserved, areas impacting the business and external risks, all across multiple touchpoints someone has with your business. Ultimately helping to understand what success looks like and where to focus initial efforts.

An Experience Map will help identify gaps in the market for new (or existing improve) products, services or proposition, providing you with a clear reliable vision of where to focus next and in the long-term.

Our Methodology

  • Stakeholder workshops
  • Business innovation
  • Business strategy and visioning
  • Thematic Analysis

Our Artefacts

  • Experience Map
  • Storyboards

3. We conceptualise and prototype

We bring to life – using the Experience Map as our base – any new potential propositions, products or services by conceptualising and prototyping, so we can validate and iterate before the project commences to make this a reality for the relevant touchpoint.

It’s about creating something that provides reliable insights to validate the vision, whether that’s testing a new full functional PoC in-store terminal, a limited beta native app or cardboard mock-ups. We do what’s right to validate the direction.

Our Methodology

  • Product design
  • Design thinking
  • Conceptualisation
  • Co-design workshops
  • Roll-play workshops

Our Artefacts

  • Digital prototyping
  • Cardboard prototyping
  • Physical prototypes

Working with you

Let's have a chat

We’ll arrange a face-to-face catch-up to discuss more about why you’re looking for support in defining your experience strategy, and your overall vision.

initial 1 or 2-day workshop

We’ll look to take the conversations a step furthers and start to really get into the detail of what you’re looking to achieve, barriers to success, issues to focus on and get a feel for how we can help you.

Discovery Phase

This is where we typically start to recommend conducting new research or review existing to start shaping and validating the vision. The feedback then begins creating an experience map, identifying underserved areas.

Detailed delivery

Collaboratively, we continually strive towards creating a vision and put in a place a strategy to deliver. We also look to pick particular areas to conceptualise and bring to life, for certain products, services or proposition across any touchpoint.

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Let’s talk.

Get in touch today with our Head of XD, Andy Wilby, to discuss more about how we can help your business or organisation create an Experience Strategy to provide you with a long term vision of your complete end-to-end customer or patient experience across all touchpoints (both digital and non-digital).

Andy Wilby | Head of Experience Design

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Helping realise your potential…

Strategy and Vision

Create a vision of the end-to-end experience you want, aligned to the ever changing behaviours and emotions of your customers, helping you to prioritise programmes & projects and identify new propositions.

CX Healthcheck

Let us get to the root of why your existing customer experience isn’t working. We’ll create a bespoke report that summarises issues impacting your overall end-to-end experience, across key touchpoints.


Bringing the customer experience to life by prototyping any new propositions to gather exploratory feedback. Roll-playing the proposed service and stress test to identify weaknesses / areas for improvement before going live.