Request to Pay:
A flexible payment service

For the last 24 months we’ve been leading the way in shaping, designing and developing a new initiative that will give consumers – initially aimed at increasing social inclusion – a greater flexibility in how and when they pay their bills, especially in times of need.

We’re on the Pay.UK steering committee – UK’s leading retail payments authority – where we are actively helping to shape this proposition as well as being a senior voice in the payments industry as a whole.


Researching user behaviours and demand

  • We conducted research with 400 people to gather quantitative insights into existing user behaviours and trends when paying regular bills, specifically across families and individuals with low household incomes.
  • We created two reports to present our findings, which has been made available for public consumption to help shape the overall Request-to-Pay proposition, worldwide.


  • Online surveys
  • Trend analysis

Artefacts created

  • Personas

Creating and shaping the customer experience

  • We initially created an experience map to understand more about the complete end-to-end experience that a consumer has with a provider (such as a utility company).
  • This included: looking to register, to signing-up, to receiving a bill, to paying the bill, to potentially missing a bill, all the way through to managing their account and signing up to another provider.
  • We then created a more specific user flow to represent how a user would receive notifications with an upcoming bill and then manage accordingly, across delaying, paying in full or part-paying, all through a native mobile app.


    • Stakeholder workshops
    • Journey workshops

    Artefacts created

    • Experience maps (also know as Customer journeys)
    • User flows
    • User journeys

    Conceptualising the native app experience

    • We created a clickable PoC prototype to bring to life the proposed concept of the end consumer native app and design an experience that was simple, innovative and intuitive, allowing users to easily register, review a bill and make a relevant payment (in full, part-pay or delay).
    • We’re currently in the process of continually shaping this proposition and concept, working alongside industry authorities and businesses to help bring this to market.


    • Face-to-face interviews
    • Trend analysis
    • Stakeholder workshops

    Artefacts created

    • Sketches
    • Wireframes
    • Clickable prototypes
    • Visual Designs

    Award winning digital transformation expertise

    • ‘XD by AD’ is an Experience Design service offered by Answer Digital, who are an award winning UK digital transformation agency of 20 years providing front-end, middleware, back-end, integration, automated testing, cloud hosting and XD expertise.
    • For the last 2 years we’ve been at the forefront of this new industry-wide payment proposition to shape, design and develop a service, where Answer Digital been offering our XD and Technical advice and support to helping deliver this new proposition to the market.
    • For more information about the RTP proposition and links to research reports we’ve conducted, visit the Answer Digital website >.

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    Get in touch with our Head of XD, Andy Wilby, to discuss more about how our years of designing and shaping experiences within the payment and FinTech industry can help you achieve your ambitions.

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