Advisor Platform Concepts

For the last 10 years, we’ve been heavily involved in shaping and designing wealth platforms for leading providers to deliver great experiences for their financial advisor clients, as well as D2C propositions that allow users to confidently and simply manage their personal investments.


Conceptualising the ideal Wealth Platform

  • Based on our years of expertise within the wealth industry, we have created a future vision of an advisor portal, with a focus of designing a simple and intuitive experience that increased efficiency in completing common tasks.
  • We’re currently working on conceptualising the complete end-to-end experience for customers who decide to use IFAs to manage their investments but also want increased visibility through an integrated D2C offering.

Award winning digital transformation expertise

  • ‘XD by AD’ is an Experience Design service offered by Answer Digital, who are an award winning UK digital transformation agency of 20 years providing front-end, middleware, back-end, integration, automated testing, cloud hosting and XD expertise.
  • For many years we’ve been working with wealth companies of all sizes (including Bravura, London, Prudential and Aviva) helping them to realise their ambitions by utilising our experience in researching, designing, developing, integrating and delivering systems (including continual improvements).

Let’s talk.

Get in touch with our Head of XD, Andy Wilby, to discuss more about how our years of experience & expertise can help shape your wealth proposition, whether that’s designing successful experiences for your IFA clients or D2C across responsive websites and native apps.

Andy Wilby | Head of Experience Design

0113 201 0600


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