CX & Service Design.

We are Service Designers, who work with you to reimagine the interactions between you and your customers by creating, shaping and improving services across different digital and physical touchpoints. Focusing on customer behaviours, their emotions, their goals and environment, as well as also your internal staff roles, processes & operations to design a great end-to-end Customer Experience (CX).

CX & Service Design are intrinsically linked. CX is about fully understanding the complete end-to-end journey a customer goes through across all touchpoints, at any point of engagement. Service Design is how businesses and organisations will shape, design and implement the service to deliver the aspirational customer experience identified

1. Understanding people & the end-to-end experience

It’s about people humanising technology – focused on customers and internal staff – and not losing sight of their involvement at multiple stages in their relationship with your business or organisation across every digital or physical touchpoint. The key artefact created to represent the research and view of how you engage with customers end-to-end, is represented through an Experience Map (AKA Customer Journey).

We help businesses and organisations delve deeper into their existing relationships with customers and staff on the frontline. The key focus is on gathering deep qualitative insights, providing rich insights to reliable inform what they need, when they need it and why.

The ‘Experience Map’ is where we plot the behaviours, emotions and goals, where they’re currently undeserved, areas impacting the business and external risks, all across multiple touchpoints someone has with your business or organisation. Ultimately helping to understand what success looks like and where to focus initial efforts.


  • Customer interviews
  • Ethnographic research
  • Stakeholder workshops
  • Business innovation
  • Service safaris
  • Quantitative analysis
  • Qualitative analysis
  • Thematic Analysis


  • Emperience Map (AKA Customer Journey)
  • Personas
  • Empathy maps
  • Mental models
  • Service vision wheel
  • Business model canvas
  • Value proposition

2. We design your service, across all touchpoints

This is where we start to identify key issues and opportunities with your existing service across any touchpoint, and create new ideas to improve – aligned to research findings and the created Experience Map (and also the vision, defined with the experience strategy). Initially, it’s about focusing on key touchpoints that are falling short of expectations and fix immediate issues.

The key artefact we create during this phase is called a Service Blueprint. It’s the internal visualisation of how your company will work to deliver the agreed service at every step of the customer interaction, across different departments, teams, processes and technology. Covering both immediate frontline interactions between your staff and customers, and internal procedures behind the scenes to support employees in the delivery of the proposed service and experience. Helping to ensure consistency in delivery. 


  • Stakeholder workshops
  • Innovation workshops
  • Service safaris


  • Service ecology map
  • Service blueprints
  • Storyboards
  • Operational models

3. We bring the service to life and validate

It’s important to ensure the documented blueprint of the proposed service works in reality. We bring to life the potential new proposed service so we can validate and iterate before go-live.

Typically done via digital or physical prototypes, or internal role-playing workshops with key stakeholders, management and relevant staff to help demonstrate, shape and validate roles & responsibilities of staff.

Where possible, we also look to ensure the environment within the workshops represents that of the given touchpoint, such as in-store, in an office, in a branch. The more realistic, the more context and understanding we can gain to reliably ensure the service is suitable before go live.


  • Role-play workshops
  • Prototyping
  • Measurements (inward and outward)


  • Digital prototyping
  • Cardboard prototyping
  • Physical prototypes

Working with you

Let's have a chat

We’ll arrange a face-to-face catch-up to discuss more about what are the key existing problems and why, and your overall ambitions/vision.

Initial 1 or 2-day workshop

We’ll look to take the conversations a step further, and widen the circle to include more senior executives & frontline staff to help understand the context of the issues and start prioritising.

Discovery Phase

Begin to focus on the prioritised issues. Typically involving customer research, conducting service safaris and starting to clearly visualise existing issues, and the impact. Timeframes depending on complexity.

Detailed delivery

Collaboratively, we start to generate new ideas to improve the identified issues (across one or more touchpoints). Where relevant, we build prototypes and conduct role-play workshops to bring the service to life and inform context, and then iterate to get it right before go live.

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Let’s talk.

Get in touch today with our Head of XD, Andy Wilby, to discuss more about how we can help your business or organisation improve and reimagine existing or new services, aligned to delivering a great customer experience to help realise your potential.

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Helping realise your potential…

Designing Services

Helping you design a new service or improve an existing – focused on delivering the aspirational customer experience – covering your internal processes, staff roles, operations and technology, across multiple touchpoints of the customer relationship.

Service Healthcheck

Let us get to the root of why your existing service isn’t working. We’ll complete a ‘Service Safari’ – that summarises issues impacting your service, across different touchpoints, and how the service compares to your competitors.

Role-play Workshops

Role-playing the proposed service and stress test to identify weaknesses / areas for improvement before going live.